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View schedules on an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows phone apps?

We have native mobile apps and our web application which can be used offline. The service can be used as a standalone application or share data with our desktop software and used to view and update events remotely. You can also login from our homepage and get access via the full or mobile web interface.

If you do not want to, or cannot, use our native apps or website to access Schedule It, then Schedule It can be integrated directly into the calendar application on your device using 'Shared Calendars' for read only access.

You can also login using any browser from our home page where you can choose 2 different styles, 'Standard' for desktop screens, 'Mobile' for iPhone, Android and other small screen devices which can also work offline. Viewing your data and any changes made when accessing via the 'Standard' style are all instant and require a permanent Internet connection.

Our mobile web application, called Schedule it Go, allows you to view and update your data with and without an Internet connection. The web application works just like a native application but you do not need to install any software as it works in your browser.

To allow offline usage the web application, Schedule it Go, will automatically store the last 250 events viewed for you to browse and edit offline. If any changes are made when you are offline you must synchronise these changes when your Internet connection is reconnected. If you are in an area with an intermittent Internet connection you can browse a set of events then force the application into Offline mode from the menu, then go back online when the connection is more reliable.

For more details on our offline application and cloud service please see our cloud scheduling page.

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Last updated, 2 January 2013, 13:43

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