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How to use labels for skills, qualifications and requirements when scheduling resources.

Labels and Skills can be added to your resources and employees, then later used to help you find or choose the best, most qualified resources for an event or task that you need to plan. Edit any resource from your Account Settings > Groups and Resources page, click the resource name, and then from the Labels tab select the labels/skills you want for that resource.

Use labels to define any skills, qualifications, conditions, or states. These can be used to filter and find the specific resources you need. Examples could include labels like Plumber, Electrician, First Aider, Sales Prospect, Qualified Lead, VIP, Manager, Driver, Language Spoken, Area Covered, etc.

Once you have added some labels to your resources you can hover over their name in your Timeline View to quickly see the labels and skills they have.

You can use the Quick Search to instantly find all resources with a matching label/skill.

When adding a new event, click the Resources tab and choose the skills you need in the skill box in the bottom right. All resources that do not have the labels/skills you need are taken away, allowing you to see just the ones that have what you need and that are available.

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Last updated, 6 September 2017, 10:28

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