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Updated Event Alerts with No Reasoning

It would also be amazing if the email alerts for updated events could also be formatted to include some dialog around what exactly it was that was changed/updated. Whether it just be a reference to what field was changed (Example, update to notes section, change to date/time, Updated side bar details Public/Private - Busy/Free - Priority - Reminder- % Completed) or better yet include the new/updated data dialog in the body of the email alert (and even better yet, to include the previous data - crossed out, followed by the new data).

Of course the instances when a change may have a high level of impact are what make the email alerts so crucial, but unfortunately the system only allows the ability to trigger alerts for every single saved change or nothing at all... I would believe it to be extremely beneficial to have the ability to define the parameters of when to trigger an event update alert. Even if it was as basic as being able to define the fields that triggered the alert when modified.

How are we working around it now... Well we are just starting to use schedule IT. So it seems we have no other choice but to enable the event alerts for any and all updates but will emphasizing to our users to focus on limiting the # of changes/updates made because of how each instance could very well trigger an email to the receiving party and we want to avoid that especially for a change made with little significance. I just foresee this going in 1 of 2 ways, the alert provides no explanation to what was changed and they waste time finding out (and it has little relevance) and/or they get in a habit of ignoring the influx of email alerts and critical information becomes unnoticed....
Last updated, 24 February 2022, 10:18

15 December 2022, 15:03
Email alerts now show the fields that were changed. You can also choose not to send automatic emails and in the event manually select to send them for just important changes, or always allow automatic sending and in the event block emails for non important changes.

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