Start Saying No and Save Time

Mark Ballanceby Mark Ballance "Time Saving Addict"
Last updated on Feb 3, 2016

Saying 'yes' to every task can really cram your day and soon enough you will find yourself short of time for your own tasks. Remind yourself your time is valuable and it's time you start saying no, but nicely of course.

"When you say 'yes' to others, make sure you are not saying 'no' to yourself." Paulo Coelho

Its easy to go overboard trying to perfect the productivity in the business, or at home, which could actually start reducing the employee's and your motivation, concentration and energy in return, affecting the overall productivity. There are a few productivity improvements you may be implementing that can go from helping to hurting very easily. Today we are going to break some down to see how productivity can be improved with some simple changes.

Don't Respond Instantly

Remember having said yes to something only to regret it later? That's because you answered too quickly. Always excuse yourself and say that you have to check your schedule before agreeing to something.

Taking Time Out from the Virtual World

If you are replying to an email while sitting in an office meeting, you seriously need to learn to say no. Putting away all distractions when you are in the middle of something important is a means of saying no as well. When you make yourself available 24/7, you are actually letting people contact you whenever they please.

What Are You Getting In Return When Saying Yes?

A good way to judge whether you should accept or decline is considering the value it offers. For example, if it's a request to finish or help with a business presentation, consider if saying yes will help the business in the short term and when its required or are you doing it just for the sake of it? All invitations, requests, messages, questions or demands should only be accepted if you see value in them.

Ask Yourself, Would You Do It Tomorrow?

Before saying yes, answer this question. If your answer is yes, then great, go do it! But if you are hesitant, don't be too quick to accept. If you are not excited enough to do it tomorrow, it's unlikely you will be any more excited to do it three weeks later.

Put It on Hold

Many times you are approached with exciting opportunities and you say yes in fear of losing them. However, if you don't have the headspace to consider it, it's better to put it on hold. For example, request the person to contact you again and give them a time when you feel you will have more space on your plate.

Don't Fill Up Your Rest Periods

There are countless people who get less than 6 hours of sleep because they are constantly working. This can be harmful for your health and you won't be able to give your best for anything. Your mind and body need plenty of rest to be able to function at optimal levels. Sleeping and resting shouldn't be compromised for anything and should be time you you also plan and allow for.

Last updated, 3 February 2016, 09:55

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