Integrate with 1000s of Other Services

Share your schedules and scheduling data with other services and software tools. There are thousands of possible integrations and combinations so we have listed a few examples below.

scheduling software API integrations

Get your Zapier account here and start connecting Schedule It to your favorite apps without any programming knowledge needed. See these Zapier examples below.


Whilst our products include email features you can add extra functionality by sending alerts via your own Gmail account, or to your email services like MailChimp, MailGun and many more. As you receive emails use them to create new events in your schedule. Sent emails can also be converted to SMS messages or Slack messages and so much more.

Communication and Chat

Use your favorite communication tools like Slack and HipChat to get alerts, keep track of updates, and receive notifications for any changes in your schedules. Add messages in your communication tools and these can create new events and tasks in Schedule it.

SMS and Text Messages

Get alerts via a text message or SMS to your phone by using many SMS services like ClickSend, Zapier and Twilio. Convert incoming text messages into new tasks and events in your Schedule it account.

Web and Booking Forms

Use simple web forms and booking services to add tasks and book provisional events directly into your schedule from your website and online booking forms using services like SignUpGenius, TypeForm, JotForm and Wufoo.

Google Sheets

Insert events and resources directly into a Google spreadsheet. Keep additional track of all changes that are made. Also add events to your schedule when a new row is added to your Google spreadsheet.

Task Managers

Add events to your task management tools like Trello, Asana, Todoist, Evernote and Google Tasks if you schedule a task or event in Schedule it. Receive notes, tasks and events and add them directly into your schedule as a new event.

Calendars Tools

Send and receive events and appointments with other calendar and planning tools live as events are added in either using calendars in services like Office 365, Google calendar, and Calendly.

Contact and Resource Sharing

Add new resources from Schedule it as contacts and leads in many tools like Office 365, Salesforce and Google Contacts. Create new resources in Schedule it as you add new contacts in your other tools.

Custom Integrations with out API and Webhooks

Use our API and Webhooks to create your own custom integrations and give powerful access to your schedules for other services and software tools you use.

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