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Resource Management software clientsResource Management software clientsResource Management software clientsResource Management software clients
Resource Management software clientsResource Management software clientsResource Management software clientsResource Management software clients
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Planning and Scheduling Software for All Your Workforce

Plan Unlimited Employees, Staff, Clients and Equipment

Schedule Employees

You can schedule all the work for your employees, staff, clients and external people like contractors, all in a single secure tool with great visibility.

Employees Work

Schedule any type of work or activity. Plan and track work, jobs, services, installations, surveys, projects and many others, as you can create your own categories the way you need.

Employees Time

Schedule blocks of time from minutes to years and include the employees, assets and tags you need. Our system ensures you have no more double booking or off time issues.

This is how you will save time, money and reduce workload...

  1. Fast drag and drop scheduling with help from the built-in skills and availability wizard.
  2. No planning errors with our automatic conflict and availability checks and warnings.
  3. Improved scheduling gives you clear visibility and better utilisation of all your resources.
  4. Reduce everyone's manual paperwork with automated timesheets, statistics and reports.
  5. Spend less time scheduling, do less manual work and reporting, have fewer calls and emails.
  6. Save time by linking to Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, Slack, and so many more.
  7. Reduce errors and missed bookings with our app, automatic notifications and reminders.
  8. No missed bookings due to a clear view, access and alerts for all users on any device.

Join over 7000 clients already trusting 'Schedule it' to improve their efficiency, maximize utilisation, minimize wasted time and reduce their overall costs.

Top Employee Scheduling Software Features

employee scheduling layouts

Powerful Views and Layouts

Choose between 8 different views, calendars and layouts to view your employees and their all scheduled work just as you need.

Allow the schedulers and the employees to view the schedule and workload in the best way. Every person can choose their own preferred schedule views for the device they are using and tasks they are trying to complete.

Quick and Easy, Drag and Drop

Plan your employees with a click, or drag and drop to reallocate and move work in seconds.

Our drag and drop interface allows for very rapid employee scheduling. When the work requirements change you can simply drag scheduled work to new employee or along the timeline to a different date.

software for scheduling

Schedule People and More

Schedule your employees and staff and any other resources or assets your employees need to get the work done.

Scheduling work may require the need for equipment, in a room, at a site, doing the work for a client. All your equipment, rooms, clients, courses, and any other assets can also be tagged and scheduled.

Tagging and Categorising

Tag your employees and the work for your employees to make viewing, filtering and reporting simple.

Create your own tags to making scheduling fast and easy as you just need to tag all the important details from preset lists and also eliminate the need for manual typing.

employee and staff scheduling reports

Reports and Statistical Analysis

Timesheets and reports on all your employees and the work they have done.

Create your own custom reports or use any of the free samples provided. Run timesheets, utilisation reports, and booking forms to see exactly how many hours are booked to each employee, total costs booked on a project, and how many hours are to be charged to a client.

Access Anywhere on Any Device

Allow your employees to access their work and schedule on their preferred device and software.

Scheduling can be done anywhere on any device with our powerful online web interface and our mobile apps. If you need a full scheduling tool to schedule your employees, or just a way for your employees to view what is scheduled, our apps can do it all.

mobile employee scheduling
employee scheduling history

Unlimited Event History and Audit Trail

Things change, allow everyone to see a log of these changes to understand who and why.

Initial scheduled work is often changed, updated and progressed. Having a log of each step, which includes the details of who made that change, can be very useful to get the full understanding.

Workflow Automations and External Integrations

Integrate your employees workload into the software tools you already use.

Employee scheduling is not an isolated activity and our API allows incoming data from your CRM tool, HR software, ticket or incoming call system, and outgoing updated data can be sent to back to your CRM, finance tool, messaging system or any of 1000s of other integrations.

integrate scheduling software
job agenda app job app job scheduling app

Employee Scheduling App

Allow employees in any location with any device to view and update all scheduled jobs.

Check-in when arriving, give live feedback to the office as the job progresses, get the client to sign confirming of their satisfaction and check-out when leaving.

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What Our Clients Say About Us


software for scheduling software for scheduling software for scheduling software for scheduling

employee scheduling softwareFantastic tool and friendly UI. It has helped us to massively improve the necessary record keeping as well as all the planning. The business has seen huge improvements since we've implemented this."

staff scheduling software reviewsSiemens PLC

scheduling software for EmployeesWe have been using it since 2006... Easy to use program helps keep training to a minimum and excellent support from all at the Schedule it team."

employee scheduling software reviewsL3 Communications

scheduling software for techniciansSchedule it has been fantastic to track our resources work and schedule work shifts for our employees."

staff planning software reviewsCisco Systems

technicians scheduling softwareSchedule it has helped us immensely - we are more efficient than ever when it comes to resource management!"

scheduling software reviewsASSA ABLOY Hospitality
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