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Planning and Scheduling Software for All Your Workforce

Plan Unlimited Employees, Clients and Equipment

employee planning

Schedule Employees

You can schedule all the work for your employees, staff, clients and external people like contractors, all in a single secure tool with great visibility.

Work Scheduling

Schedule any type of work or activity. Plan and track work, jobs, services, installations, surveys, projects and many others, as you can create your own categories the way you need.

Schedule Time

Schedule blocks of time from minutes to years and include the employees, assets and tags you need. Our system ensures you have no more double booking or off time issues.

This is how you will save time, money and reduce workload...

  1. Do Less Work - Fast drag and drop scheduling with help from the built-in skills and availability wizard.
  2. Make Less Errors - No planning errors with our automatic conflict and availability checks and warnings.
  3. Get More Value - Improved scheduling gives you clear visibility and better utilisation of all your resources.
  4. Save More Time - Reduce everyone's manual paperwork with automated timesheets, statistics and reports.
  5. Be Less Busy - Spend less time scheduling, do less manual work and reporting, have fewer calls and emails.
  6. Have More Time - Save time by linking to Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, Slack, and so many more.
  7. Get Less Waste - Reduce errors and missed bookings with our app, automatic notifications and reminders.
  8. Have Less Stress - No missed bookings due to a clear view, access and alerts for all users on any device.

Join over 5000 clients already trusting 'Schedule it' to improve their efficiency, maximize utilisation, minimize wasted time and reduce their overall costs.

Top Questions About Employee Scheduling Software


  • What is the best software for scheduling?

    The first step is to understand your requirements and the core features you need for a scheduling tool.

    There are 3 main levels of software used for scheduling:

    • 1 - Spreadsheets and calendars

      Great for a simple schedule for a limited number of employees. These tools where not specifically designed for team scheduling but are great when there is only a basic need to for a simple fixed plan.

    • 2 - Dedicated scheduling software

      These are made specifically to help you schedule multiple types of resources including employees. Additional resources can also be scheduled like rooms, equipment and event clients.

      They should include critical features like drag and drop, multi-user access, double booking prevention, skills tracking, reporting and integrations, all aimed at making scheduling quicker and easer.

    • 3 - Enterprise resource planning

      ERP software is made to cover not just your scheduling needs but can also include inventory and order management, accounting, sales and human resources management.

    Understanding the correct product level you are considering will help you narrow your search choice and the number of products you will need to consider.

    It's often best to be focused and choose a product that fits the problem you are trying to resolve as this can have many benefits. Trying to make a product fit that is too simple, or introducing an overly complex solution, only adds to the initial problem rather than helping to resolve it.

    The good news is you can try almost all these solutions free to see which suits your needs.

  • How much does scheduling software cost?

    Most scheduling software charges by the number of users using the software, by the number of employees you want to schedule, or a mixture of both. Consider how many users might want to use the software, or the number of resources you need to plan, and if your needs may grow over time.

    The great situation is you can try most scheduling products free, and you should. Investing a few minutes with hands on testing of your top 3 will reward you with hours of savings in the future.

    You may already have products like Excel that you can test as a scheduling alternative, but a dedicate paid solution that saves you time almost always pay for themselves with a few weeks of use.

  • How do you schedule an employee?

    In almost all planning and scheduling software, an employee is just another resource like rooms or equipment.

    Using a graphical scheduling tool, once you have added your employee/resource, they appear as a new row in your schedule and you can simply click onto their schedule to plan and book their work.

    Key considerations might be their availability or skills you need for the work you are planning. Choosing the correct software can help you with this with warnings or automation.

    Ideally having a tool that offers drag and drop allows you to very quickly change your schedule or move bookings to other employees.

    Above all, the booking and scheduling of your employees should be quick and easy in the right tool.

  • Why is scheduling software important?

    Scheduling software is important as they are designed to allow you to plan your employees in minutes whilst preventing you from making planning errors.

    A dedicate scheduling tool that guides you in choosing the best employee, that is available, has the correct skills you need, and prevents you from double booking, can save you hours of time and rescheduling.

    Having an interface that is designed to help you see all your schedules clearly, and if needed quickly drag and drop to make changes, can be a great boost to productivity.

    Additional requirements after your initial planning might be the ability to share schedules, create reports and time-sheets, and integrate your schedules with other tools.

    These are a few reasons why scheduling software is important as it is specifically designed to help any business to streamline, improving productivity and efficiency.

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scheduling software users scheduling software users

employee scheduling softwareFantastic tool and friendly UI. It has helped us to massively improve the necessary record keeping as well as all the planning. The business has seen huge improvements since we've implemented this."

Employee scheduling software reviewsSiemens PLC

scheduling software for EmployeesWe have been using it since 2006... Easy to use program helps keep training to a minimum and excellent support from all at the Schedule it team."

employee scheduling software reviewsL3 Communications

scheduling software for techniciansSchedule it has been fantastic to track our resources work and schedule work shifts for our employees."

employee scheduling software reviewsCisco Systems

technicians scheduling softwareSchedule it has helped us immensely - we are more efficient than ever when it comes to resource management!"

scheduling software reviewsASSA ABLOY Hospitality
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