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Is there any Google Maps or TomTom navigation integration ?

Do not use - This feature has been replaced with the new event location option in an event

Google Maps & TomTom navigation

Schedule it has integration with Google Maps and TomTom Webfleet navigation systems. This allows scheduling and navigation to be combined into a single application.

Google Maps

With Google maps and Schedule it, directions and locations can be checked between selected resources. These can be emailed or viewed online. Give each resource a GEO location which can be a zip/post code then in an event choose Navigation from the options.


With TomTom Webfleet events can be sent to remote units, staff, or vehicles, with details of the event. The live status of any events can be seen, along with travel time and current units status, and live GPS positions. Live messaging and other options are also integrated.

Setup Google Maps in Schedule it

When adding your resources you can enter the post/zip code or latitude and longitude into the Geo Location field. Once you add these details to a resource you can later see the location on a map.

When you add an event and choose 2 resources that have Geo Location information you can choose from the Options button then Navigation to see map and directions between 2 of the linked resources in an event.

Setup TomTom in Schedule it

1, Create a user in TomTom WEBFLEET that has the option enabled to access WEBFLEET.connect. From the TomTom web interface select More/Users ...choose a user then press Advanced. Enable the option 'Access to interface WEBFLEET.connect'.

Note: Be sure TomTom have enabled remote access to 'WEBFLEET.connect' on your account otherwise you will see an error '8014, external request not allowed', when you try to connect.

2, From the Schedule it Tools menu choose Options/General... Next to 'Navigation Interface' choose 'TomTom'.

3, From the Schedule it Tools menu choose Mapping/Navigation. You will be asked to enter your TomTom login details.

4, Select the Messaging tab where you should now see all available TomTom units that can receive messages. A test message can be sent to any unit.

5, From the Schedule it Data menu add some staff resources (TomTom units) to Schedule it and enter in the Geo Location field their home location and TomTom ID (latitude,longitude,ID). You can get the latitude and longitude by pressing the mapping icon next to the Geo field then selecting Search from the Tools tab.

E.g. 55.714000,-1.921300,J Smith

6, Add your customer resources (TomTom destination addresses) to Schedule it and enter in the Geo Location field its location and TomTom ID (latitude,longitude,ID). You can get the latitude and longitude by pressing the mapping icon next to the Geo field then selecting Search from the Tools tab.

E.g. 55.714000,-1.921300,001

If you exclude a TomTom ID (3rd value) from your Geo Location details for an address, Schedule it will create a new TomTom address from the Schedule it customer details and send the address information online with the first order that needs it. If you include a TomTom address ID then the existing online address will be used.

7, You can now create a new event and link it to a staff member and customer then save the event. Choosing Navigation from the Options button will allow you to send the event as an order. Other tools are also available.

If you need any more details please let us know.

Each single Schedule it desktop license can support 3 TomTom Units. Additional licenses can be purchased to support a higher number of units. E.g. 10 desktop licenses can support 10 Schedule it users and 30 TomTom units.
Last updated, 3 January 2013, 09:40

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