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Moving from a local database to a cloud database.

If you have been using the file database locally and now wish to share your database online with other users with the desktop software or a browser, you can move your data into your Schedule it cloud account so all users can read and write together. For a live direct connection from the desktop software to your cloud database the Professional version of each is required. The Standard license allows a synchronised connection.

1, Start the desktop software and open your existing local desktop database.

2, From the menu Tools/Options/Internet Web/Web Synchronisation setting, enter your new cloud login details which have been emailed to you. Then press 'Test' to confirm the connection. Then press OK to save the new options.

3, Select from the menu Tools/Web Synchronisation to open the synchronisation window. You will be prompted to upload your desktop data to your new online account, Select YES to upload your desktop data and replace all your online data.

...continue only if you wish to connect directly with the Professional version of the desktop software and cloud service...

4, From the menu Tools/Options/Internet Web/Web Synchronisation setting, DELETE your new cloud login details to prevent future synchronisation. Then press OK to save the new options.

5, Once your data is online you can now close all your open tabs to your local database.

6, Whilst you are logged in to your online account with a browser, the Settings/Account page shows a check box marked 'Disconnect this online database from your synchronized desktop database'. Check this box and press Disconnect to remove the synchronised status as you will be connecting live and not using the synchronised connection once your data is uploaded.

7, To connect directly to your cloud database, Start the desktop software and choose Open then select Cloud and enter your cloud login details.

Last updated, 7 May 2013, 08:52

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