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Why printing is in black and white and not colored or in color?

Web browsers, by default, remove background colors when printing. Unfortunately, this can't be overridden by our software or any other website. You change the setting in the browser to print background colors and images.

The settings can vary by browser but most have settings to enable printing to color, and to include background images/graphics, both of which will need to be enabled.

Chrome Browser : Open Chrome > Click Print > In the printer dialog set color option to 'color', and enable 'Background Graphics'

Internet Explorer (IE) Browser : Open IE > Gear Button > Print > Page Setup > Check 'Print background colors and images'. In older versions of IE, from the File menu > Page Setup > Check 'Print background colors and images'.

Edge Browser : Microsoft don't allow you to print background images and colors at this time. In Edge press the 2 dots top right and choose 'Open With Internet Explorer'. Then you can follow the steps above for IE. Or use any other browser to print.

Print color colour
Last updated, 6 February 2024, 14:48

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