Searching for Adding Special Days, How to show public, national and bank holidays, birthdays, milestones and other important dates?

You can mark important dates in your schedule by clicking any blank area (not an event) in your resources Timeline and choose Special Days from the menu, then press Add a New Special Day. Special days can have a name or label to help you understand what that date is for. Special days are also colored light grey to help them stand out from the normal days and weekend days in your schedule. You can adjust this color in your menu Layout > Theme.

When adding a special day you can choose to view it in all the resources for that day (something that is applicable to all resources like a national or company holiday) or just in the resource that was clicked (a project milestone or staff birthday).

You can Delete any special day by clicking any date in your Timeline and choose Special Days from the menu, then press the special day to delete from the list.

Special days are only used to shade/color parts of your schedule differently to highlight to the users that there maybe something of interest. They cannot be reported on and have no effect on the scheduling of actual events and tasks. To add important dates that need to be reported on, or that effect your scheduling, these should be added as actual events.

Last updated on Mar 11, 2017
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