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Elliott Davis

  • Client and Contact Information

    Elliott Davis - (Contact available on request)

  • Industry/Vertical/Market

    Regional CPA Firm

  • Annual Sales Revenue

    $60 Million

  • Clients Key Business Drivers


  • Number of Business Entities, locations and Users

    2 Entities 4 Business Units
    10 Locations
    430 Total Users
    23 ScheduleIT Users

  • Software and Hardware Platform

    Server 2008R2
    Windows 7 (64Bit)

  • Any Implementation/Rollout Strategy

    Pilot for about 6 months one office
    Rolled out with Desktop Authority
    Need application champion (not an IT person)
    Single database, per functional group, firm wide

  • Business Benefits Realized

    More efficient allocation of resources (staff)
    Roll over to next year
    Publish to web pages (easier access for staff)
    Able to select certain skill sets
    Able to filter specific views as needed
    Management can view resource utilization

  • Lessons Learned

    Training is important

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