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Scheduling Case Studies and Reviews

A small selection of great case studies and fantastic feedback we have received from some of our 3500 clients including what they found to be the benefits of switching to our award winning scheduling software.

These clients trust and use 'Schedule it'... Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Shell, Shell Lubricants, UK MOD, Royal Navy, Fujitsu-siemens, BAE Systems, SAAB Group, O2, NHS Trusts, Siemens Power Generation, Network Rail, Siemens Enterprise Communications, Qualcomm, L-3 Communications, Jaguar Land Rover, JP Morgan...

scheduling software reviews

Cambridge Assessment

"Schedule it has provided the expected benefits of a central repository for booked workload, clear and easily accessible resource availability, and detailed reporting which has provided valuable management information and informs the capacity planning process."
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Cisco Systems

"Benefits to get a snapshot of resource utilization and future workforce resourcing and scheduling", "Schedule it has been fantastic to track our resources work schedule work shifts for our engineers."
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L3 Communications

"We have been using it since 2006 on a shared desktop and it has grown with us. The latest update moving us to SQL server.", "Easy to use program helps keep training to a minimum and excellent support from all at the Schedule it team."
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Siemens Enterprise Communications

"Fantastic tool and friendly UI!", "We use the system to schedule our technicians to the projects in the field service and also, we have the communication with external partners using the system. Our main Schedule it users are the Project Managers and Project Coordinators."

Elliott Davis

Schedule it allows us "more efficient allocation of resources (staff)", "with the ability to select certain skill sets and filter specific views as needed by management to view resource utilization."
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Hartwood Services Telecommunications Solutions

"Excellent rota system used by all Clerk of Works across the country and installation engineers to pick off work on multiple sites (approx. 45 individual sites and engineers that work on approx. 5000 cell sites across the country)."
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Root Solutions Ltd

"At present we use Schedule it to manage our technical team. We have 2 main offices but also people working remotely from home - 20-25 users", "It is hard to understand how we coped before."
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Westpak, Inc.

Schedule it "Has made scheduling much more efficient, reliable and traceable, We should've used Schedule It long time ago!" "I don't know how to express our thanks. I would just like to say thanks again."

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