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Hartwood Services Telecommunications Solutions

  • Client and Contact Information

    Hartwood Services Telecommunications Solutions - (Contact available on request)

  • Industry/Vertical/Market

    Telecommunications Mobile

  • Annual Sales Revenue

    £17 Million

  • Clients Key Business Drivers

    Mobile Sector Telecommunications Installations and Commissioning working for all key Telecommunications providers in the UK - Telefonica/Orange/T-Mobile (Everything Everywhere) Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia Siemens.

  • Number of Business Entities, locations and Users

    2 Main offices 200-250 Engineers and Commissioners.

  • Software and Hardware Platform

    Microsoft and Android Cloud based systems

  • Any Implementation/Rollout Strategy

    Dependent on client services models

  • Business Benefits Realized

    Excellent rota system (ScheduleIT) used by all Clerk of Works across the country and installation engineers to pick off work on multiple sites (approx. - 45 individual sites and engineers that work on approx. 5000 cell sites across the country)

  • Lessons Learned

    a. An immediate impact to Hartwood Services and a "live" plan that negated the need to use spread sheets that were initially were sent out at least 3 times a day.

    b. Cut down the amount of administration required.

    c. Live system that tracks changes and an essential tool to assist with timesheet reconciliation at the end of each week, excellent tracking tool with FULL traceability.

    d. The cloud based system has easy maintenance with excellent and immediate support if required, never lost the system in 2.5 years.

    e. Easy to use, with immediate upload of information.

    Send us a live message, email or give us a call at +44 (01924) 600603
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