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L3 Communications UK Ltd

  • Client and Contact Information

    L3 Communications UK Ltd - (Contact available on request)

  • Industry/Vertical/Market

    Security / Manufacturing

  • Annual Sales Revenue

    $15.680 billion (2011)

  • Clients Key Business Drivers

    1st time fixes, client service level

  • Number of Business Entities, locations and Users

    1 location 20 users 100 viewers

  • Software and Hardware Platform

    Windows 2003 SQL express database IIS
    server Virtually hosted on ESXI4 server

  • Any Implementation/Rollout Strategy

    None, we have been using it since 2006 on a shared desktop and it has grown with us.
    The latest update moving us to SQL server.

  • Business Benefits Realized

    The HTML output helps us get the schedule quickly to all our engineers on their blackberry's and on laptops. Easy to use program helps keep training to a minimum and excellent support from all at the Schedule it team.

  • Lessons Learned

    Always test with a copy of the database before upgrading to next major build revisions.

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