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Can Schedule it authenticate using Active Directory ?

Schedule it 7.6 supports authentication using Active Directory.

Schedule it does not take any details from your AD server, the only question it asks your AD server is if the user is active and does the username and password match. If your AD server replies yes then Schedule it logs them in using the local username in Schedule it to get their settings. You must have a user in Schedule it with the exact same username. You can use the same, or a different, local password so local logins are possible when the AD server is not available, but only by users that know their local password.

In menu Tools/Options/Network you can setup your Active Directory settings.

Examples of LDAP/LDAPS paths:

LDAP://, CN=schedu ... Scheduleit
LDAP://, CN=schedu ... Scheduleit

Examples of simple or full distinguished logins:

CN={loginname},CN=Users, CN=scheduleit, O=Scheduleit

When you login the tag {loginname} is replaced by the login name given.

Working settings from a client using a Windows Server environment:

LDAP path: LDAP://NT_DOMAINNAME:389/ OU=User_accounts, OU=Accounts, OU=Datacenter, DC=sample, DC=local

Authentication type: none

Distinguished Login: {loginname}

Note: If your user name mapping setting is 'attributeMapUsername = "userPrincipalName"' and not 'attributeMapUsername = "sAMAccountName"' then in each AD user, make sure you set the userPrincipalName attribute to the user or login name to be used. If you don't these users will not be available with the simple {loginname} and you may need to use the full distinguished login, or you can login using their full name.
Last updated, 31 October 2022, 15:08

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