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How to synchronise my desktop and cloud databases?


Setup a Synchronised Connection

This topic covers the feature for synchronising your local and online database.

  • Setup a Synchronised Connection
  • Synchronising for the first time
  • Synchronising/uploading events
  • Uploading users, group and resources
  • Disconnect/Reset cloud account
  • Reset cloud licenses

    The information below is for setting the desktop software to synchronise with and online account for remote users. A direct connection is also possible but not discussed in this topic. Please note your desktop database will be upload to your cloud account on our servers. If you have multiple desktop clients, you must choose 1 to do the syncing. Never sync from more than the one nominated PC.

    1, If you don't have it - Download our latest desktop software from here (to be up-to-date).

    2, If you don't have an online account - Signup and create an online account from here.

    3, If you don't have Schedule It installed - Install the desktop software.

    4, Start the desktop software and open your existing desktop database or start a new project (file database) including the sample data. You can also add your own data at this point.

    5, From the menu Tools/Options/Internet Web/Web Synchronisation setting, enter your online login details (your login is your account number and username with a slash in the middle e.g. 12345/fred) which will have been emailed to you when you created your online account. Then press 'Test' to confirm the connection.

    On the same settings page you can also set a timer to auto sync, there are also options to 'Auto Mark Events for sharing' and 'Queue events for future syncing' which you should tick.

    Then press OK to save the new options.

    6, Select from the menu Tools/Web Synchronisation to open the synchronisation window. You will be prompted to upload your desktop data to your new online account, Select YES to upload your desktop data and replace all your online data.

    Thats it.

    If you did not enable the option 'Auto Mark Events for sharing' mentioned above, then you will need to tick the 'Share Online' box in the event window to send or update the event online.

    If you did not set the 'auto sync timer' mentioned above, then you will need to start a sync from the menu Tools/Web Synchronisation.

    Note: As you change and update groups, resources and users these are NOT automatically sent you must choose to upload these changes from the Search window by finding them and choosing to 'Send All Online' with all found results for your groups, resources and users.

    Web synchronisation for the first time

    When you make your first Web Synchronisation from the Tools menu of the desktop software you have the prompt to clear the online database and upload all your desktop data to your online account. After confirming this action all your desktop data is sent online and your online and desktop database are connected. Only future events will be sent online, historical events can be sent manually if required.

    Synchronising events

    Events are marked to be sent online if the 'Share Event Online' tick box is enabled in the event, OR you choose to mark every event automatically by enabling the option 'Automatically mark new events for future sharing online' in menu Tools/Options/Internet/Web Sync. If the event could not be sent immediately you can later synchronize any outstanding event changes from the menu Tools/Web Sync, or by setting the auto sync timer.

    To send historical events, or any events not sent previously, to your online account press the main Search icon on the toolbar to open the Search Window, choose a date range of events that you want to send, then press Search, you can then see the events you wish to send, then from Options button choose 'With ALL results' > 'Send to Web server'.

    Uploading users, group and resources

    After your initial synchronization, Users, Groups and Resources are NOT sent automatically they must be sent manually. Press the main Search icon on the toolbar to open the Search Window, select the tab Users, Groups or Resources, then press Search, you can then see the items you wish to send, then from Options button choose 'With ALL results' > 'Send to Web server'. This allows you to be selective about the data that is stored online. You can also choose to remove existing online items no longer needed, at the time of uploading.

    Disconnect/Reset cloud account

    If you ever need to delete all your online data and replace it with your desktop data you can do this anytime. Whilst you are logged in to your online account, as an administrator, with a browser, the Account Settings > Advanced Settings page shows a check box marked 'Disconnect this online database from your synchronized desktop database'. Checking this box and pressing Update Account will separate your online database from your desktop database. Performing a desktop Web Synchronisation from the Tools menu will again prompt you as if your online account is new giving you the option to upload and replace all data again.

    Online login not working and message 'Online user limit reached/exceeded'

    If you receive the message that your online user limit has been reached then you account has more user names trying to access your account than the number of licenses that have been purchased. Please see this FAQ.


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