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Can we rename/customise the text or change the language used?

All of the text in Schedule it can be changed or customised to fit your needs. The language file can be modified to fit small industry specific terms or completely to show all text in an entirely new language. This allows you to fully customise or rename the names of any fields, custom fields, and text in the entire program.

The labels on the Details page of a Resource are controlled by the group they belong to, so the labels can be different for each group. These are set in the Group. All other text and labels are in your chosen language file.

1, To customise the text you must select a different language other than 'Default'. In Tools Menu/Options select English (or other language) from the language choices. If you don't already have a language file a new file will be created that you can customise. Make a note of the file name/location.

2, If you then select NONE as your language option, and restart Schedule it, all the text fields will be identified so you can see which fields to search for and modify in your language text file. Then return the language option back to your preferred setting.

3, You can now open and edit the new file, search for the tags you want to change with your choice of text. We recommend any changes you make are added to the end of the language file and the original contents are not modified (the last occurrence of any tag is used), then you can easily copy and paste your changes into new or updated language files in the future.

To share these changes over your network for other users, you can move the modified language file to a common place on your network then set this in menu Tools > Options > Network, where you can enter the common network folder then tick the box 'Language files'. Other users can then choose the language file you modified by selecting their language preference in Tools > Options > General

If you want to open and edit a language file manually they are stored in your folder 'My Documents/Schedule it 7/data'. After editing and saving the changes restart Schedule it and your new language file will be used.

Any language can be used providing the text can be saved in ASCII, UTF7 or UFT8 formats including French, Polish, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, and many others. For the best character compatibility the file should be saved in UTF8 format and UTF8 selected as the format next to the language you have chosen.

If you have any languages you would like us to consider for inclusion or wish to help with the conversion of our language files from English please let us know.

Note: Older versions saved the language file in a different location. When a user upgrades, any old language files are copied to the new folder 'My Documents/Schedule it 7/data'. Old location on Vista and above was C:/ProgramData/Schedule it 7/data

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Last updated, 2 January 2013, 12:11

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