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Create Recurring, Repeating or Pasting multiple events

If you need to create recurring events, or paste a set of events, or create a template which could include many events that need to be added in a single action.

Example 1: A machine installation could consist of a group of events for the survey, installation, testing, and training.

Example 2: A staff training course could have many events for the different levels or stages of the training course.

There are 4 possibilities depending on your needs :

Create Recurring Events
Use Multi Event Templates
Importing Event Sets From a CSV
Creating Copies from Search Window

Create Recurring Events

1, Create your first event of the recurring set that you will need.

2, After saving the event, with the event window still open, press the Options button. This gives access to the menu where you can choose 'Create Recurring Events'.

3, Now you can choose the frequency of the new events that will be created (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly) and how many new events should be created into the future.

A common Series ID will be given to all events you create so they can found in a search, edited or deleted in batch.

Use Multi Event Templates

1, Create a series of events by copying an event then pasting copies, or by manually editing the Series ID of an event and changing it to be the same as the Series ID in other events

2, Mark any one of the events in the series as a template

3, Select an area in your view to choose the date and resource and choose 'Add Event(s) from Template', and choose the event template

4, You will be asked if you want to 'Paste all events in the series'

5, Choosing YES will paste copies of all the events, with the same series ID, at the start point you selected and linked to the resource you selected

Note: To remove an event from a series enter 0 as the series ID in the event.

Importing Event Sets From a CSV

1, Create your events that make up a set of job using something they all have in common that you can find them with like a common title, common resource or common reference number etc.

2, Using the Search Window, find the events you want to export as a group

3, Right click any event and choose 'Save to file...'

4, In Schedule View, drag an area to choose the date and resource, then choose 'Import Events from File...'

Creating Copies from Search Window

1, Create a new resource called '_things to do', or any name you choose as a holding area

2, Add all the events to '_things to do' so they can be easily found

3, Using the Search Icon, find all events linked to '_things to do'

4, Right click any event and choose 'Copy and Paste All...'

5, Now you can REMOVE the resource '_things to do', and ADD the actual resource to do the work, and set the date the work should start

Last updated, 11 January 2013, 16:02

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