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Why should we purchase Schedule it over your competitors?

We believe both our scheduling desktop application and cloud scheduling service are unique products compared to many you may have found and tried. Schedule it products are resource scheduling tools but they do not force you to schedule people, rooms and other fixed assets as we allow you to choose the type and mix of resources and assets you want to schedule. This also effects our interface and features which are designed for maximum benefits for all your planning needs and not biased towards certain resource types.

Most of our customers have very specific needs and our software allows for this type of flexibility. If we could push each customer into a small set of predefined scheduling situations this would be much easier to create software for but this is just not the case we see in the real world.

This type of flexibility allows our software to grow as your needs grow as most of our customers start by scheduling a small number of resources of a known type like staff but then grow to schedule customers, equipment, rooms, even using the software as a CRM and advanced planning tool. This is only possible due to the thought and consideration we have made when designing our products to offer you the maximum benefits without trying to fit your needs into a predefined template that may not fit and can lead to compromises which we do not want you to make.

To help you to choose and see the benefits, we offer all our full software free for you to download and try. This also allows you to make comparisons against any others you may already be using or can find. We hope after testing our software you will join us and our clients by deciding this is the best scheduling solution available for you.
Last updated, 21 January 2013, 18:21

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