Telephone call, demonstration or remote desktop support?

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Telephone Support, Live Online Software Demonstration or Remote Desktop Support

Whilst we offer live online and email support we are happy for you to call our offices direct at any time. The best number for you to call will be shown on our Contact page. Live demonstrations or remote desktop support are also available.

To plan an online demonstrations you must first get a free trial of our software running on your PC, and add some relevant data. We use your PC and your data to do a much better and customised demonstration. After the demonstration we leave you with the setup and any new changes made during the demo.

Once you have setup the free trial, and to help us to plan the best person for you to speak with, email your answers to the questions below to including when you are available, and we will contact you with confirmation.

Telephone Support or Software Presentations

  • What is the problem or issue you are wanting to solve?
  • What software do you currently use?
  • What is the number of possible users of the software?
  • How many are local and how many are remote/web based?
  • What benefits would you hope to see?
  • When are you available?
  • Last updated on Jan 23, 2013
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