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Book and Schedule Unlimited Rooms and Assets

Book Rooms

You can book all your rooms and other resources like people, clients and equipment, all in a single secure tool with great visibility. Match and book rooms with requirement and feature matching. Automatically email and notify room managers.

Schedule Activity

Schedule any type of Activity. Plan and track how your rooms are used as you can create your own categories to describe the activity and room statuses the way you need. Add room requirements, booking forms and other important documentation.

Book Time

Schedule rooms in blocks of time from minutes to months and include the resources, assets and tags you need. Our system ensures you have no more double or over booking issues.

This is how you will save time, money and reduce workload...

  1. Fast drag and drop scheduling with help from the built-in skills and availability wizard.
  2. No planning errors with our automatic conflict and availability checks and warnings.
  3. Improved scheduling gives you clear visibility and better utilisation of all your resources.
  4. Reduce everyone's manual paperwork with automated timesheets, statistics and reports.
  5. Spend less time scheduling, do less manual work and reporting, have fewer calls and emails.
  6. Save time by linking to Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, Slack, and so many more.
  7. Reduce errors and missed bookings with our app, automatic notifications and reminders.
  8. No missed bookings due to a clear view, access and alerts for all users on any device.

Join over 7000 clients already trusting 'Schedule it' to improve their efficiency, maximize utilisation, minimize wasted time and reduce their overall costs.


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What Our Clients Say About Us

room booking softwareFantastic tool and friendly UI. It has helped us to massively improve the necessary record keeping as well as all the planning. The business has seen huge improvements since we've implemented this."

room software reviewsSiemens PLC

room bookingWe have been using it since 2006... Easy to use program helps keep training to a minimum and excellent support from all at the Schedule it team."

room booking reviewsL3 Communications

room softwareSchedule it has been fantastic to track our resources work and schedule work shifts for our engineers."

room software reviewsCisco Systems

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Adobe, Microsoft, Google, Intuit, Sony, McAfee, Activision, Apple, Symantec, Blackboard

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