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Do you have an instruction manual we can download and print?

We have many videos for common tasks and many hundred FAQ's with step by step guides for the standard features. We are also here to help live with any questions you may have and can create video guides just for you for any topic you request. As the software can be used and customised in many ways, to fit many different usage models and industries, we have no specific user manual that can be downloaded or printed. On our website you can download the full version of our software and get direct hands on.

We do offer live telephone, online and onsite training to help with more personalised support for you and your company. This allows us to be very specific on how the software can be used to fit your exact needs. Live training is an additional product sold independently of our software and this allows us to provide our software at a great price for you, you can then decide on any personal training you may require. For more details on live training please see our training page.

Last updated, 19 June 2013, 18:37

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