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Why do I get a message from my Norton antivirus?

This post is specific to Norton but similar steps can be made in any virus checking software you may have.

If you get a message that 'Schedule it' may be infected or there may be other files on your computer that are infected. The first thing to do is to manually run LiveUpdate from within Norton 360 to make sure that you have the latest program and definition updates applied. When this is complete, run a "Comprehensive Scan" to check for infections.

If the 'Schedule it' is not infected and is being blocked by Norton, you will want to exclude it from being scanned.

1. Open Norton 360 and then click on the "Settings" link at the top of the window.

2. Select "Virus & Spyware Protection" and then select the "File Exclusions" tab.

3. In the first box click on the "New" button and then click on the icon next to the box. Navigate to the executable file 'C:/Program Files/Schedule it 7/ScheduleIt.exe' and then click "OK."

Repeat the above steps for the second box "Auto-Protect" scanning.

When you are finished click the "Back" button and then the "Close" button.

If by chance the file was placed into Quarantine, select the "Quarantine" tab, select the file that was quarantined and choose "Restore."

Last updated, 17 November 2014, 13:06

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