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Event and resource costs, expenses and finance entries

The top section in the finance area of an event shows any manually added finance items that are directly related to that event. This also creates a total that can be printed or exported in reports. If you have not added any finance items you will see the message 'No finance items found'.

The lower section in the finance area of an event is for information only and shows any related costs, for the resources its linked to, that you may wish to include in the event. As your selected resources or event duration changes you can see these items change accordingly. If none of the linked resources have costs you will see the message 'No resources costs found'.

You can click any of the related resource costs so they are added to the event. This will create a new finance entry for the event which will then be visible in the top section. Once a finance entry is added it can be manually changed to reflect a discount, or agreed change in price but it will not be automatically changed should the duration or resources change.

If you are using both our desktop and online products the finance details are not synchronized with events between the two products. Any finance entries added in the desktop remain in the desktop, any added online remain online.

In your Account Settings > Other page you can add Categories for your finance items.
Last updated, 12 April 2023, 10:20

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