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How to make resource groups mandatory?

When it's busy do your users sometimes forget to select a room, task type, client or another important resource?

Why not make the important groups mandatory so they can never be missed. Edit your group you can set the minimum number of resources that must be selected to 1.

But what if you still dont know the room or client at the time of booking but still want it mandatory? Simply add a resource called 'Unknown' to that group then it can be selected, tracked and reported on for updating later.

Desktop Software

From the Data menu you can choose 'Groups' then 'Edit Group' to find and edit any groups to make them mandatory. You can also open the main Search, press the Groups tab, then search your groups to edit.

Online Scheduling Software

When log into your account with your browser, choose the Settings link (top right), All Settings, then Edit Resources. There you can see all your groups and resources and click any to edit it to make them mandatory.
Last updated, 19 February 2016, 13:10

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