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Error writing updates - Operation must use an updateable query

If you are using the file database, not SQL, and you receive the error "Operation must use an updateable query", there are a few possible causes. The message means you do not have permission to write to the file database, or its not available, or its locked.

Issue 1 : If this message is all the time then it is normally a permission setting on the file or location where the file is stored, and your server is blocking your access.

Solution : Ask your Admin to grant you FULL read and write access to the file and directory the file is. Try from another PC, or logged in as a different user.

Issue 2 : If this happens occasionally then somebody, or some backup/scanning tools, maybe copying or accessing the database file and its taking a few seconds to do it. During this time all users are blocked from making changes.

Solution : Make sure all your users are in the same office, your network is fast (no wifi) and that your file size is not too big. If you have many users be sure their 'Auto Refresh' time (in menu Tools>Options>Network) is not too low (every 30 minutes minimum) as every time a user refreshes it locks the file for all other users as its copied to their PC.

Note: As your data storage starts to increase, or your users start to grow, there becomes a point where sharing a file over a network with lots of users is not the best method. You should start to consider switching to SQL to store your data which has none of the issues mentioned above.

Last updated, 14 April 2016, 12:38

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