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Some report tags are not showing any data or information when edited with Word?

Our reporting software will replace a data tag with real data when creating your report. E.g. SI-E-Title will be replaced with the events title.

If you edit your reports with Word or some other advanced document editors then you must type the full tag (e.g. SI-E-Title) in one go without any errors. If you make an error or part change, then you must delete the whole tag and type it again. The reason is Word will insert hidden code between your letters meaning Schedule It cannot find the tag. You can also use Notepad for simple reports which does not do this.

Do not copy and paste a tag then partially change it in Word, it will not work.

For example if you copied and pasted a tag like SI-E-Title and just deleted the word Title and changed it to Notes, thinking you would get SI-E-Notes, this is what Word actually puts in your file...

SI-E-{deleted letter T}{deleted letter i}{deleted letter t}{deleted letter l}{deleted letter e}Notes

In this example you must delete the full tag SI-E-Title and type SI-E-Notes in full.

Last updated, 3 August 2016, 10:34

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