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Archive, hide, delete or remove a resource

If you wish to delete or hide a resource from the view, either an ex-employee or a resource no longer needed, there are 3 options:

1, If this is only needed for very short term you can apply a simple filter and choose the resources you do want to see in your view. Filters can also be saved for future use to make changing filters very quick and easy.

2, You can move the resource to a different group that is 'Hidden From View', e.g. archive them. Add a new group called Ex-employees, and tick the option Hide From Main View, then edit the resource and move it into this group. This keeps the resource and their data in the system for historical reporting.

3, If a resource has events linked to it, it cannot be deleted, you will need to remove all events which can be done in batch. If you cannot see all the events make sure you viewed all histrionic dates or using the List View apply an Event Filter to find all events linked to the resource, you can then select All events using the tickbox in the top right then choose to Delete All the marked events.

(hide, resource, person, employee, remove, delete, staff, archive)
Last updated, 4 January 2022, 16:51

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