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How to add/set colors and markers to events to show a status or condition

Events can be colored in a number of ways to help you quickly see its status or condition. Its background color, foreground color, and the inclusion of colored notch can all be set.

* You can show the background color for your resources/keywords as small bars with or without the resource name, at the top of your events. This allows multiple different colored markers on a single event. Hovering over the event shows the bars and the resource/word you associated with that color. Note that resources without any color will not be shown at the start of an event.

You can have an unlimited number of resources/keywords that can color your events and these can help you track different status like Confirmed, Paid, Cancelled, Busy, Free, Vacation, Holiday, Sickness, Call Out, Breakdown, Service, Training etc.

* Within an event you can press the color icon next to the title to manually change the background and text color of the event. As this is a manual process you have no way to see what that color represents. We recommend adding a resource/keyword that describes what the color means, like the word 'Confirmed', and within that resource set the 'Event Color Option' (from the second color icon next to the title) to the background you want the event to take when this is selected. Now you no longer need to manually pick an event color as its set automatically for you.

* You can also create a template event. Marking an event as a template means you can use it in the future to create copies with all the same preset resources, colors and other additional information. See this FAQ on how to create a template.

If you do not wish to use colors and dont want the see them in your event you can set the resource background to white or unselect 'Resource Colors' from the Layout menu in your Timeline view.


Last updated, 16 August 2022, 18:44

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