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Unable to login using app, or error 'err_certificate_transparency_required' received

There is a bug in Chrome version 53 that affects some SSL/TLS certificates resulting in an error displaying when visiting affected websites. There are no issues with the certificates used on the affected sites, and replacing these certificates will not help. This is entirely a bug with Certificate Transparency handling that is only present in some versions of Chrome (53 and 54).

Google has patched a majority of their applications and platforms, but there is still an outstanding issue with Android apps that leverage WebView version 53.

Customer Actions to Take

Upgrade the Chrome application and platforms with version 55 or later.
Use other browsers (Firefox, Safari, IE/Edge) as they do not have this bug.
Update the Webview on your Android device, either by keeping your device up to date or download WebView from the Play Store here.

Important Facts

This is a Google bug impacting some sub-versions of their Chrome 53 and 54 releases.
The issue remains primary for the WebView component impacting Android apps.
Last updated, 13 September 2017, 19:22

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