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Latest online updates, changelog and version history

Every month we are making 100's of changes to our service to improve its speed, reliability and features for you. We will use this topic to post only the most recent major changes that you might be interested in or that may effect your usage. If you would like more details an any major historical changes please contact us.


Most recent major changes

  • Add the option to resize and move the main Event and Filter windows.

  • From your Account menu (top right) you can choose the new option 'Get Help' to start messaging our support team live.

  • 'Working Hours' can now be added to your resources. This will allow you to identify days in the Timeline view when resources are available for work. Events can also be blocked from saving when outside the working hours of any tagged resources.

  • The new Timeline view now allows changes and updates to be made that no longer cause a full page reload. This allows much faster update times as you use and browse the schedule.

  • The maximum number of days that can be shown in the Timeline view has been increased from 3 months to 6 months.

  • The option to mark events as Busy or Free was added to the Event/Task window. Free events allow you to add reminders and tasks that don't block out any time or cause double booking issues or alerts. The busy/free state can also be seen when hovering over an event.

  • The Task/Inspector panel (shown on the right) was added to allow you to view incomplete tasks/events, or any type of events that you want to monitor with the use of your own filter. You can show or hide this panel from your settings menu.

  • The 'End Marker' selection was changed from a fixed list of 5 words, to use the color picker so you have much more choice and can see the color you are picking rather than a word. Click the color picker icon on the right of an events title to change the marker color.

  • In the Timeline view, it could be hard to see when one resource group had ended and another had started. For this reason we have shortened the length of the group header row so it is much easier to see the separation between groups and the start of a new set of resources.

  • The date and navigation buttons are now fixed to the top of the page in the Calendar views to allow navigation even when scrolled down larger pages.

  • With the most popular and most used part of the Advanced Filter being the Event section, this is now the first tab that is visible when the Advanced Filter is opened.

  • Added short cut keys for common actions to speed up usage.

  • Added global search of all resources in the Event windows Tagging tab.

  • Added Cloud Storage (beta) for attachments.

  • New view permissions for Users to allow sections to be hidden. Event fields now have separate View and Update settings.

  • Added the option for a date free filter in the Inspector Panel

  • Added to the Filter window a counter showing the number of tagged resources

  • Added to the resource tagging list, a group showing all tagged resources together

  • Added the option to embed a filter and formulas into your reports

  • Added the option change the email and reminder templates

  • Testing the option to send reminders to unlimited email addresses

  • Added Privacy option for events

  • Added the option for No Date events

  • Updates to Advanced Filter to allow easier selection of a date range

  • Updates to mobile app including viewing recent activity of tagged resources from within the event

  • Added the option to 'Postpone' events into the future view quick menu option

  • Added the manual email address field to events to allow one off emailing of none tagged people.

  • Updates to the reports to allow individual resources working hours to be used.

  • Added option to quickly select saved filters from filter icon.

  • Added option mark saved filters as private so they as shown at the top of a users list.

  • Added option to save your preferred Home page to allow you to get back to your favourite schedule view with a single click.

  • HTML and Markdown formatting now shown in email alerts and reminders.

  • Save Filters with a View.

  • New event tagging bar allows quick adding of resources and tags to an event.

  • Added the Map View.

  • Added the Gantt View.

  • Added custom email templates per resource.

  • Added email in address for each resource.

  • Added advanced rules based triggers and actions.

  • Added auto tagging for a resource.

  • Added iCal browser viewer as an agenda list.

  • Interface updates to allow full version to be used on small screens.

  • Added inline editing in List View

  • Last updated, 11 August 2023, 09:56

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