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Notes formatting with images, checkboxes and rich text.

Make important information standout, add images, links and to-do lists.

Schedule It Online, and our mobile apps, uses simple extra characters to give you an easy way to denote rich content such as bold/italic items, numbered and bulleted lists, headers, and images. Click your notes to edit them, then click the 'Finished Editing' button to see how the formatted notes will be seen.

This type of plain text formatting is called Markdown and allows you to quickly write rich content. It is an incredibly powerful writing tool which will allow you to write rich content far faster than almost any other method. It is also readable to others with any other software or device that may not support other methods of formatting.

Your notes can look like this...

Add Headings...

  • Also add italic, bold, crossed out, even italic and bold notes, including images, links, lists and checkboxes.

  • Create text lists...
    • first item
    • second item
    • and more...

    Create dropdown lists...
    Create tables...

    Add checkboxes for tasks and todos that you can tick off...

    this is some
    quoted text
    Clickable links and images too...

    Above the notes area are a number of icons to add the formatting for you but you can also type it manually.

  • To create italic text, surround the text with single asterisks (*).

  • To create bold text, surround the text with double asterisks (**).

  • To create text which is both bold and italic, surround the text with triple asterisks (***).

  • To create strikethrough text, surround the text with double tildes (~~).

    StyleKeyIf you typeYou will see
    Italic*this is how to *italicize this* textthis is how to italicize this text
    Bold**you can **bold text** tooyou can bold text too
    Italic & bold***have ***Italic & bold***have Italic & bold
    Strike-through~~~~this is crossed out~~this is crossed out
    Headings## a big heading

    a big heading

    #### a smaller heading

    a smaller heading

    ###### heading


    Table|||| col1 | col2 | col3 ||
    || data1 | data2 | data3 ||
    Text list-- list item
  • list item
  • Dropdown list- [[]]- [L-1] Option1, Option2, Option3
    Quotation>> indented textindented text
    Checkbox- [ ]- [ ] still to do still to do
    Checkbox ticked- [x]- [x] this is done this is done
    Clickable link
    Show an image[url]![](

    Using checkboxes to create task lists inside your events

    Type this simple text...
    Tasks to do:
    - [x] Order form received
    - [ ] Order checked **(Important)**
    - [ ] Order Sent

    And get these clickable boxes and formatting
    Tasks to do:

  • Last updated, 11 April 2024, 16:05

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