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What is the Email To Schedule feature?

Did you know that every resource in your schedule has its own unique email address you can send events to?

These email addresses allow you to add events and tasks to your schedule by sending simple emails.

This is an amazing productivity feature for saving time, organising your emails and creating simple integrations. We explore some of the possibilities below. Also watch the video at the bottom of this page for more details.

Here are a few great ways you can use the Email to Schedule feature:

  • Clear your inbox by forwarding your own tasks and todo emails to your schedule for planning.

  • Allow staff to email holiday, vacation, shift and work requests into the Pending area waiting for approval.

  • Forward customer support emails into your schedules Support Tickets resource for all the team to review and progress.

  • Send orders from your training or order management system into the schedule for planning and resource allocation.

  • Allow submissions from your secure web forms to create pending bookings.

  • How does it work?

    Use your email software, or any other tool, to send emails which will create events directly for the resource with that email address.

    Get the most from your emailed events with these quick formatting tips:

  • The subject of the email will become the title of the event.

  • The body of the email will become the notes on the event.

  • The first 3 attachments in the email will be uploaded to Schedule it, and will be added to the event notes (upto 5MB).

  • The start will default to the current date and time the email was received unless otherwise specified.

  • Adding a date starting with # in the subject can be used to set the start and end of the new event. E.g. #202005070900 for the 7th May at 9AM.

  • Adding #IsEvent in the subject can be used to set the type as a new Event and not a new Task. Tasks are created as default if not specified.

  • Adding # followed by a resource ID number in the subject can be used to tag additional resources with the matching IDs. E.g. #123,#456,#789

  • Simply edit any resource, click the Email tab and scroll to the bottom where you can see and copy the unique email address.

    The unique email address is only visible to account administrators and should only be shared to those who you want to allow to add events into the schedule. If you need to cancel an email address you can press Generate a new email address and a new unique address will be created for that resource.

    Last updated, 10 February 2023, 17:24

    29 November 2022, 01:23
    Hi guys, is there any way to tag resources with this feature, similar to the way we use the # to set times?

    As an example, I would like to tag a vessel and the time.

    1 December 2022, 08:25
    Each resource has its own unique address and this resource is added automatically. To add other event fields you can use our API to add events rather than an email. Or use Emails with a service like Zapier where you can create your own scripts to extra other data from emails.

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