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How to send or share the schedule calendars and events with your staff and other employees

There are a few ways you can share the activity in your schedule with your staff. Staff with a login have the best live access access with the ability to feedback and update with their progress, but other options are available. Any user with a login requires a license.

Method Live UpdatesLogin Needed
WebsiteAccessing via our website on any device a User can login and access the information you allow. Just login from our home page using any modern desktop or mobile browser.Learn more
AppsUsing our native mobile apps for Apple or Android devices a User can login and access the information you allow them to see.Learn more
EmailBy adding an email address to your Resources they can receive emails, or email invitations, about additions and changes to their schedule.2 minutesLearn more
iCalendar FeediCalendar is a feed that allows you to add a Schedule it calendar to any other external calendar, like Outlook, Google, Apple iCal etc, and see what is planned for that resource.15 mins+Learn more
iCalendar WebEach iCalendar feed can be viewed in a simple webpage as a list of events if you do not wish to add it to your external calendar.15 mins+Learn more
ZapierZapier is a service that allows you to integrate your Schedule it account with other external online services like Salesforce, Outlook, Google and 1000s of others.Learn more
Microsoft FlowMicrosoft Flow is a service like Zapier, that allows you to integrate your Schedule it account with other external online services like Office 365, Outlook, and 1000s of others.Learn more
APIOur API and Webhooks give programmers the ability to integrate your Schedule it account with any other tools that also support API integrations.Learn more
Reports & FormsReports and forms can be created and emailed directly or printed to PDF or paper to be sent to external staff.Learn more
Bulk EmailFrom the List View you can batch select all events for any date range and email all the tagged resource in those events at once.

Last updated, 17 July 2022, 14:07

Mark Jones
31 December 2021, 20:42
A great list. Contacting for more details.

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