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What are the main differences between the Startup Plan and a Business Plan?

Under the price on our pricing page here is a full list of the differences between each plan.

From your Account Settings you can click the Upgrade Plan button to see the price to upgrade your current plan.

These are just some of the differences between the Startup Plan and the Business Plan...

Startup has:
- no backups, you must do your own each day
- is not GDPR compliant, you cannot store real names or data
- uses lower security servers, also no 2FA
- only stores a maximum of 10000 events then you must delete old events
- only support by email, no telephone or live chat

Business has:
- full automatic data backup
- legally GDPR compliant if you need to store any real names, addresses, company details etc.
- can store up to 250000 events
- live support
- custom reports
- Custom form fields in events
- 2 way Outlook and Google sharing
- Access to the API and Integrations

Enterprise has:
- higher event storage
- advanced custom rules and workflows

To see the upgrade price just press the Upgrade Plan button in your Account Settings page.
Last updated, 8 June 2021, 10:07

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