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Simple database structure of Groups, Resources/Tags and Events

The main structure of your data is split into 3 parts that all work together in your schedule:

1, Groups - Groups are a simple collection of things. Your groups can contain physical things like people, customer, and equipment or just a description of something like a status. You can have as many Groups as you need.

2, Resources/Tags - These are your things, like your Staff, Rooms, Equipment, Statuses, etc. You put them in a Group so you can find them. For example all your people can go into the Staff group, all your rooms go into the Rooms group.

3, Events - Events are just a block of time where you bring multiple things together. For example on the 01-01-2025 I need John, in the Conference room, with a Laptop, for a Meeting with Customer A. Your things (resources/tags) are John from the Staff group, Conference Room from the Rooms group, Laptop from the Equipment group, Meeting for the Status group, and Customer A from your Customers group.
Last updated, 23 January 2023, 14:09

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