4 More Top Benefits of Employee Scheduling

Mark Ballanceby Mark Ballance "Time Saving Addict"
Last updated on May 2, 2014

The emergence of employee scheduling software has provided companies with the ability to set-up schedules and easily assign them to office and remote employees. This, in turn, has led to increased productivity, improving results along the way.

These developments prove to be immensely helpful for any kind of business - whether it be a virtual office, brick-and-mortar shop, a small department or a large company with hundreds of employees.

The idea behind an employee scheduling solution is simple - they provide you with the ability to create and keep lists and schedules. These can be used by managers to easily assign tasks. Or they can be accessed by everyone so that they can collaborate and agree on shared assignments, facilities and resources.
They usually have many features such as tracking attendance, sick days and vacation tracking, facilities, reservations and other features.

Have you ever experienced going to work and finding half of the people with the same skill set on holiday at the same time? A good program can prevent this because workers can plan their holidays accordingly in relation to other people's preferences and skills, too. It also ensures that the payroll and the compensation pay are accurately computed. Likewise, it also helps you look at duty distribution.

What are the benefits of employee scheduling software?

  • Efficient and Economical

    Having one in the office to manage your employees frees you (or your administration in-charge) from very tedious jobs such as assigning of tasks, keeping track of facilities, monthly pay computation and the like. You can definitely let go of print-out memos, charts, charge lists on announcement boards and Excel spreadsheets.

    While it may take days to manually compute the payroll or utilisation of a certain department employee, scheduling software allows you to do so in just a few minutes. It is also easier for you to keep track of absences, holidays or sick leave for each individual. This allows you to easily ask other people to cover the shift for them and preventing the loss of much-needed manpower during shifts.

  • Saves Time

    In the past, people had to sign approval sheets when they wanted to use the conference room, borrow the projector or use the company car. This meant that they had to walk to the general services department, sign some papers, wait for the in-charge to check the availability of the resource and approve the request. This process alone may take several minutes to several hours. A great software solution eliminates all of these steps because it allows workers to borrow and reserve facilities or resources with just a click of the button.
    Aside from that, you can also assign tasks to them and immediately forward all these assignments right away. Workers can now see their to-do's right away, so you do not have to meet with them one-by-one.
  • No Chances Lost

    There are times when tasks are not distributed equally within the workplace, and this may overburden some employees. Likewise, it leaves other people with less to do, leading to loss of productivity and profit. A good program allows you to track stations or shifts, letting you know who is doing what and who is doing too much or too little.
  • Get on the Floor

    As a manager, you can now easily focus on other tasks or do the rounds since you do not need to be tied to your desk doing the nitty-gritty work. What better way to boost your employees morale than by being on the floor area right where they are?

    Are you still using Excel files to map out important things in the workplace?
Last updated, 11 August 2014, 19:23

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