Why Does Some Scheduling Software Suck?

Mark Ballanceby Mark Ballance "Time Saving Addict"
Last updated on Feb 12, 2014

Using software to schedule and plan any type of resource can often be a painful experience. Why? Because most scheduling software sucks.

Training course planning software

If you are scheduling employees, rooms, training courses, equipment or any type of resource and are searching for a enjoyable software solution to use we may need to let you down slowly.

Unfortunately looking for, and using, scheduling software is not always enjoyable. Unlike browsing for a new car or the latest gadget, which can be fun, you are generally looking at scheduling software to remove the pain you experience each time you open your overgrown Excel spreadsheet, tired whiteboard, or messy t-card system.

Having worked in scheduling for over 10 years we know how uninteresting the thought of scheduling software can be. Whilst we may not have the sedative for all your pain we hope to relieve some of it and give you more free time to browse for your next enjoyable purchase.

At 'Schedule it' we supply scheduling software globally but we have also been using our own software internally for over 10 years. Rather than being a just a software development company we are also a very demanding user of our own tools and we know this gives us a big advantage over many other software development companies and software tools you may have tried.

Scheduling software must be simple, quick, cost effective, and fun to use. Okay, maybe not fun to use but if its not making planning easier, improving your resource utilisation, saving you time and money, you should be looking for a new solution.

The latest version of our software, just released, includes all the essential features to make your planning as pain free as possible by warning and preventing double and over booking, only allowing resources that are qualified to perform the tasks you may be planning, and the full drag and drop interface allows rapid creation and modifications of existing schedules.

Many of the 'Most Admired' Fortune Global 500 companies including Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Shell, Fujitsu, Siemens and L-3 Communications trust their data and resource planning with Schedule it. Talking about Schedule it, Siemens said "The program is working like a dream for us. It has helped us to massively improve the necessary record keeping as well as all the planning. The business has seen huge improvements since we've implemented it."

Best of all you can download and try it completely pain free.

Last updated, 12 August 2014, 15:53

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