3 Things to Do Right Now to Have a More Productive Day

Mark Ballanceby Mark Ballance "Time Saving Addict"
Last updated on Aug 25, 2015

It happens all the time, we sit down to get to work and are overwhelmed by the length of the to-do list. Whether it's on paper or sitting in your head, you are wondering how you will ever be able to get through it all today. Instead of jumping in and banging things out, we typically end up procrastinating.

The problem with this is we are keeping all of things we need to do jumbled in our mind or thrown onto a piece of paper. When you don't get your tasks out in front of you and organized, it makes it impossible to feel like anything is getting done.

Get All of Your Tasks out in Front You

The first step to a more productive day is to take out your planner, your notebook or your scheduling software and write down the tasks that are inside your head or not yet organized. Whether they are personal tasks like errands and chores, admin tasks like billing and following up or client tasks, jot them down and get them all out of your head and into one place.

Prioritize Your Tasks into Three Categories

When all of our tasks are bunched together, everything starts to feel urgent and impossible to get done. To stop this trend, we want to take a look at all of the tasks and prioritize them into three categories: urgent, important and can wait. Whether you highlight the tasks, mark them a certain way or rewrite them all into the three categories- separating them will give you a clearer look at what you need to focus on in that moment.

The urgent tasks are things you need to do first thing. Typically, they need to be completed that day and as early as possible. Your important tasks typically need to be completed that day or the next, but can wait until the urgent tasks are completed. Finally, your 'can wait' tasks are the tasks you would like to complete but won't have a negative effect if they don't get completed for a few days.

Keep up with Planning Your Day Ahead of Time

The best way to stay organized and avoid getting into procrastination slumps is to plan your day the night before or early the morning of. This way, you always know what tasks you need to complete and when. Come up with a system that works best for you. This includes setting up a daily planning time and a place you enjoy organizing your tasks. While some people enjoy the traditional to-do list others prefer using a planner or task scheduling software.

The more and more you work on organizing your daily tasks, the easier it will get and less time it will start to take. Not only will you become a professional at prioritizing and planning, but you will start being more productive and will have less tasks building up to overwhelm you.

All of the above can be managed in many software tools including 'Schedule Its Task Management Software'. You can start your free trial today to see if it is the right program for you.
Last updated, 25 August 2015, 13:04

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