Resource Scheduling for Rental Services

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Last updated on Sep 3, 2010

Equipment or resource tracking and time allocation is one of the most time consuming and frustrating tasks for any rental service business, especially when more than one person is in charge of scheduling rentals.

While some businesses choose to use excel files out of a lack of options, resource scheduling applications offer time saving tools by allowing you to easily sort rentals by availability, schedule them to a client or tenant, and if necessary, allocate employees for the rental during that period. These features sync seamlessly to the cloud, across devices and browsers, so that everyone scheduling resources can see when the rental is booked, and at what time.

How Does Resource Scheduling Work For Rentals?

Resource scheduling allows you to collect your rentals, resources, and personnel and put them into a program with their specific details, such as skills required to operate, features, cost, and so on. You create groups of different types of resources, and, once they're in the system, they remain there, making it easy to select from your existing resources. This allows you to schedule rentals more quickly, because all you have to do is click on the existing resource and then schedule it for the client who needs it. This is especially useful if you are renting out rooms or are required to supply services, such as a driver, with your rentals, because you can schedule the employee at the same time. For renting equipment, services, rooms, or anything else, scheduling services are invaluable.

No More Double Booking

When you're using an excel document to track rentals and allocate resources, multiple employees can be a hassle, especially if you're working from different computers. Local and online syncing helps you to avoid issues with double booking, because everything syncs automatically, across everyone's devices, so you can easily see what is booked as soon as it's scheduled in. While human error still happens, it's a lot less likely when everything is synced as soon as it's entered.

Faster Scheduling

Whether you're renting out rooms, or renting out medical equipment, handling customer requests as quickly and easily as possible is an important part of getting and retaining happy customers. Scheduling your resources, so that you not only have a list of available options, but also a list of when each option is available, booked, or out for repair, allows you to see at a glance what you can offer and at what times.

Income and Expense Tracking

Tracking your income and expenses per resource allows you to easily see which of your rentals are making the most money, which are making the least, and where you should be spending money. This is especially valuable for rental businesses who may have to upgrade their fleet, because seeing which of your options are performing and which aren't takes all of the work out of choosing where to invest.

Scheduling your rental fleet allows you to keep track of everything, without spending more of your time on data. It also allows you to ditch spreadsheets, which are ineffective except for very small scale rentals, even when in the cloud.
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