How Venues Can Save Time and Money with Scheduling Software

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Last updated on Sep 3, 2010

Owning or running a venue of any kind is a challenge, especially if you participate in a variety of different types of events, let out rooms, or bring in catering services or bands for entertainment.

With dozens of items to track, simple Excel sheets and paper records can be confusing, and many venues lose money on double booking, or on management issues. For that reason, scheduling can be extremely valuable, for both rentals and paid entertainment, because it allows more control over resources of every kind.

Schedule Rentals and Rooms

Whether you rent for weddings, birthday parties, or local city events, scheduling rentals is important for long-term control over bookings. By scheduling using resource management software, you can easily streamline the process to speed up bookings, reduce double booking, and ensure that you know when each person or party will be showing up, and when. You can also share this data with other parts of your employees, for better staff and entertainment scheduling, ensuring that booking a room twice is much more difficult. While human error can still happen if you enter the data on the wrong room, this is unlikely, especially if you name rooms and separate them by type. Because double bookings are the most costly error in the rental business, this could actually save you money, as well as time setting up reservations.

Staff Scheduling

Hiring staff for a venue is especially complex because you often have changing requirements, which calls for flexible staffing. Resource scheduling software allows you to match employees in your system based on availability, skills, and the hours to work. If you're hiring caterers or on-hire musicians, you can schedule them in as well, matching them to the specific event, and sharing the event with them, so that they see the requirements. This makes planning significantly easier, because you can see at a glance when you need to bring in staff, and then schedule them in the same application. This is beneficial because it helps you to avoid over or under staffing, reducing problems, and saving you money.

Entertainment Scheduling

If you bring in bands, comedy acts, or any other type of entertainment, scheduling it allows you to easily keep track of everything, without excel sheets. By scheduling in your acts, you can see at a glance what type of acts you have, and when, keep track of how many people show up and sales performance, and track which of your staff have to show up for which event. This not only allows you to track recurring artist performance over time, it also allows you to keep up with which types of events perform the best.

The best part about using resource scheduling is that every benefit plays into every other benefit, so that you can save time on almost all of your scheduling and management tasks. For example, if you know when to schedule employees, you have more time for doing other things. If you can see at a glance when a room or area is booked, you can avoid double bookings, and so on.

Scheduling software allows you to keep track of everything, without spending more of your time on management. See how Schedule It can help with all your scheduling needs.
Last updated, 3 September 2015, 13:12

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