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Good project management is an essential part of any construction job, thanks to the many elements that come into play. With equipment, supplies, skilled laborers, management, and property owner availability, there are often dozens of items to keep track of, and not doing so will result in bottlenecking, delays, and wasted money.

Resource management software is one of the digital tools that help construction managers avoid these delays by tracking and scheduling all of their resources for better control and monitoring. Resource scheduling also works with traditional critical path methods, but allows you to save time, and ensure that all of your employees, equipment, and supplies are in the right place at the right time.


Equipment, especially rental equipment, is vitally important to keep track of so that you know where it�s at, what it is being used for, and whether or not it is available at any point in time. Scheduling your equipment by allowing it to specific projects allows you to avoid issues where you might need the same equipment at two different sites on the same day, and gives you time to plan in space for transportation and maintenance in between projects.


Scheduling deliveries to ensure that supplies show up to the right place at the right time can prevent costly bottlenecking, allowing people you pay to be at a worksite to get work done. Scheduling deliveries, drivers, trucks, and trailers, means that everyone can see exactly when they have to be somewhere, and you have the resources to ensure deliveries can be made on time.

Skilled Workers

One of the most difficult parts of managing construction is scheduling skilled laborers based on projects, especially if you only have one or two employees with specific skillsets. For example, if you have to install windows, then you need licensed installers, and if electrical work is part of the installation, you also need certified installers. Assigning laborers by skills to the project helps to ensure that everyone who has to be there is, and everyone without the required skills isn't. Most importantly, using a local or cloud scheduling program allows you to update information quickly based on changing project needs. Using resource management for formal scheduling can help reduce mistakes, and incidents where you don't have the right workers.

Offer Property Owners Better Schedules

Using a scheduling program allows you to offer up to date schedules to property owners based on when your employees will be there, when supplies will be there, and when equipment is available. Allowing your project managers to access data via a tablet or device also allows you to give them the up to date information most want, and allows on-site supervisors to plan for deliveries and availability.

Time and resource scheduling is not only valuable to construction projects, it's a necessity, and programs help you save time, work more efficiently, and reduce issues caused by spreadsheets. It also helps you with avoiding double booking, and improve your project management practices and implementation.
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