What is the difference between Outlook and Schedule it?

Mark Ballanceby Mark Ballance "Time Saving Addict"
Last updated on Apr 8, 2016

Outlook vs Schedule it

We are sometimes asked 'What is the difference between Outlook and Schedule it (or other real scheduling tools)?'. Once people start using scheduling software rather than calendars for planning, many of the time and effort savings are immediately seen, but some still remain initially undiscovered.

The list below shows some of the feature differences and how easy Schedule it can save you time and effort and increase your resources productivity and output.

Scheduling software features and benefits list

<nobr>Schedule it</nobr>Outlook
Great support. You can actually talk to us if you need any help, and we offer live one on one training-
Easy to use, powerful, multi user, multi resource, scheduling software-
Very clean and clear interface designed to show multiple events across multiple resources -
View any periods of time from a few hours to 2 years at once and any level in-between-
Choose from Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Resource and List layouts, all fully drag and drop and customisable-
Filter your resources and events to customise your view, or highlight specific events you need to view or analyse-
Check for double bookings and capacity rules for every resource selected in the event-
Instantly live shared calendar links for viewing externally in tools like Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal etc -
Drag and drop events in time and from one resource to another with conflict detection -
Easily export events and other data to Excel and any other tools for external use and integrations-
Full activity log/audit trail of changes made and the users that made the changes-
Tag and search events based on keywords and linked resources, like employee, client, room, equipment etc-
Link events so they move in time with other events and create relationships-
Create event templates for common tasks to eliminate repetitive typing and work-
Send email alerts and reminders to resources, resource owners and users-
Have 100's of users across many departments each with different permissions and access levels-
Add skills and qualifications to your resources to match and search for the correct ones needed to fulfil the task required -
1000's of reports for reporting or exporting on many metrics and event details-
Add financial records to events and create invoices, quotations and other reports-
Statistical analysis of your events for resource utilization, daily loading, and much more-

These are just a few but please contact us for more information on the deeper and more advanced differences, and try our software free.

Last updated, 8 April 2016, 11:08

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