Top 4 Time Management Myths Dispelled

Mark Ballanceby Mark Ballance "Time Saving Addict"
Last updated on May 27, 2016

Time management is essential if you want to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Being able to achieve your goals and ambitions in less time is every person's dream.

The inability to control time is often excruciatingly painful, especially if you have to submit a project at 5:00 and it's showing 4:58 on the bottom right of your laptop's screen.

The reason most people struggle with time management is because they don't have the necessary strategies that are required to streamline their goals and ambitions. To make it worse, there are so many time management myths that lead us astray, so here are a few time management myths debunked.

Myth #1: Good Time Management Allows You to Get More Things Done

As ironic as it may sound, good time management is about getting the important things done and not the most things done. You will have more tasks to do and realistically you shouldn't aim to get everything done. Effective time management allows you to identify things that should be prioritized so that all energy is spent doing those essential tasks.

Myth #2: Everyone Struggles with the Same Time Management Challenges

Of course, there are a few things everyone struggles with and almost everyone can take advantage from generic time management tips and tricks. However, no two people are the same and everyone deals with their tasks in different ways. This is why it's important you approach time management in your own style and build your own techniques. Identify your weak spots and develop strategies to remedy those weaknesses.

Myth #3: I Am a Good Judge of How Well I Manage My Time

Everybody thinks they are best at what they do, which is good because you need to believe in yourself to succeed. However, a lot of times, reality is quite different from what we perceive. We are capable of doing amazing things, but evaluating our own strengths and weaknesses is not one of them. This is why it's important to get someone to judge how well you manage your time. It could be someone you work with, such as your immediate boss or a friend that will provide you with honest criticism.

Myth #4: A To-Do List Is an Effective Time Management Tool

A to-do list can be an asset and at the same time it can be a hindrance to your time management regime. Merely checking off items on your to-do list is counterproductive because you are not prioritizing. Effective time management requires you to identify which tasks are important so that you can finish them without affecting the quality of your work. The tasks that help you achieve your goals should be given the utmost importance and not just randomly added to a list and checked off upon completion. Time management requires you to creatively come up with a plan that helps you shorten the path to the goals that you want to achieve.

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