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How long does it take to get my purchased licenses?

Schedule it Desktop Purchase

While we wait for confirmation of your payment from our payment provider you can download the latest version of our software from the download page. Please note no software is posted or sent following your order as all software is delivered by electronic download or via email.

For purchases of 5 or more licenses

After confirmation of your payment we will contact you by email to confirm your licensing details and send your licenses for the company name you specified during the order process. All orders are processed manually but licenses are usually sent within an hour of your order.

For purchases of less than 5 licenses

Once you have the software installed you need to send us the computer IDs for each PC which we need to create your key to unlock Schedule it. Once installed on the intended PCs you can find the ID under the Schedule it 'Help' menu in the 'Registration Details' window, then press 'Request a key'. If your trial period has expired you can press 'Request a key' on the window as the program starts.

Schedule it Online Purchase

Once we receive confirmation of your payment from our payment provider your account will be updated to your chosen account type. This process is checked and updated manually which can take a few minutes to process.
Last updated, 2 January 2013, 11:31

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