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Start up and command line options

Since version 5.2.1, When starting ScheduleIt from the command line, batch file or a shortcut you can active a number of options.

Any text that includes ".sip" will open that project on startup, e.g.

"C:/Documents and Settings/Username/My Documents/Schedule it 7/sample.sip"

/username:abc = set the login user name to abc

/passsword:123 = set the login password to 123

/sync:start = start the synchronisation process when the project opens

/sync:stop = stop the synchronisation process if it is set to auto start

/html:start = start the html output when the project opens

/AtStartCSVIn = Import and replace project data with data in CSV file specified

/AtEndCSVOut = Export all data of active project when program closes

/email:send = Send any emails in the que

/close = close the program once the startup options are complete

/quiet = hide some system messages during startup tasks. E.g. License warning notices.

Need more options? Let us know...

Example 1, A command line or shortcut example to start a specific project and perform a sync on startup...

"ScheduleIt.exe" "C:/Documents and Settings/yourname/My Documents/Schedule it 7/sample.sip" /sync:start

Example 2, A command line or shortcut example to start a specific project, login and perform a html output, then close...

"ScheduleIt.exe" "C:/Documents and Settings/Username/My Documents/Schedule it 7/sample.sip" /username:system /password:system /html:start /close

Example 3, Import data at start then export changes when closing...

"ScheduleIt.exe" "/AtStartCSVIn:C:/in.csv" "/AtEndCSVOut:C:/out.csv"
Last updated, 2 January 2013, 12:12

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