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Setting up skills and requirements

Requirements and Skills

From the 'Data' menu, 'Requirement/Skills', it is possible to add a number of requirement/skills groups and then items within the groups. For each item a score of importance can be set.

In each resource, contact or equipment any number of requirements or skills can be selected.

The skills or requirements can be used to filter the resources when selecting them for an event. They can also be used to automatically recommend the most suitable resources for the event based on their importance and suitability.

A example group could be:

'Engineer Skills'

Skills in this group could be:

Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulics, Computer


'Area/Region' contains North, South, East, West

Adding skills/requirements to a resource

In a resource you can select skills from any number of skills groups that are relevant for that resource. For each skill selected a score of suitability can be set.

For example if a resource (engineer) 'John Smith' is very good on Electrical skills you could set a score or 9, but if he is a but weak on Hydraulics then score a 3. These scores are used to calculate a resources suitability for an event when specific requirements are asked for.

Now the resources can be filtered or automatically recommended based on the requirements, without manually selecting or having to know what requirements are needed.

Using Requirements and Skills to filter resources.

In the 'Resources' tab of an event when adding or updating an event you can select any number of requirements needed for the event. If the 'Filter Resources' box is ticked then only resources that have the necessary skills will be shown.

Below the list of requirements is the option to 'Recommend' resources based on the requirements selected. This will score each resource based on their suitability. Only resources that have all the skills required will be shown even if the score is 0.

Working Example

One of the working examples in use is, 2 groups:

'Area/Region', containing: Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, North East, North West, Midlands, South East, South West.

'Engineers Skills', containing: Engineer level 1, Engineer level 2, Engineer level 3, Engineer level 4, Engineer level 5

The resources in the project are actual engineers, the contacts are the customers, and equipment is also used.

In each resource (engineer) they have the all the skills ticked in the 'Area/Region' Group and scored depending on the distance needed to travel to the area. They also have ticked the 'Engineers Skills' depending on the engineer level, and scored depending on their knowledge.

Each contact (customer) is linked to only 1 of the areas in the 'Area/Region' group.

Each equipment is linked to only 1 of the items in the 'Engineers Skills' group to show the level of skill required to fix the equipment.

In Use:

When adding an event, first the contact (customer) is chosen, then the equipment is chosen. This automatically choose the areas and skills required by the resources (engineers). Now 'Recommend' can be pressed, on the resources tab, to see which resources (engineers) are most suitable for this area and skill level.
Last updated, 2 January 2013, 12:15

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