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Video - Adding a new group, resource, or event type

Schedule It allows you to add any type of resources to your schedule. These can be physical items like a real person, room or piece of equipment, but could also be simple descriptive words that describe a type of event, activity, client name, or any other words you want to link to an event to help with viewing, reporting and statistical information.

If you have problems viewing this video you can also view it on YouTube by clicking this link.

Schedule it Desktop

You can add your new groups and resources from the Data menu, or by right clicking on the left panel in the Schedule View and choosing 'Add New Resource'. You can also import resources from the Data menu, Import.

Schedule it Online

You can add your new groups and resources from the Account menu then choose Resources. There click the '+' button at the bottom of the page for new groups, and the '+' button in a group to add or import your new resources.

Copying Resources

Normally each resource is a different person, room, piece of equipment, course etc, so copying a resource has not been added due no requests for this feature. But you can export resources to a CSV file, edit the file and reimport, or quickly add them using the 'Quick Resource import' where you can easily just copy and paste a line many times then import them. E.g. copy and paste the text below 10 times in the import box, to quickly import 50 new resources in just a few seconds:


(add, new, groups, categories, resources, trainers, customers, clients, staff, employee, engineer, room)
Last updated, 6 January 2013, 12:10

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