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Can we set individual event edit permissions for specific users ?

Globally you can set if a user can add, edit or delete events but you may want finer access control.

If you need to control edit permissions of an event at an event level rather than global level there are some options. If you want to block a user from saving an event you can assign a resource to the event that the user does not have permission to interact with.

For example you can have a selectable resource called 'Locked By Planning Department' that you link the event to. If you have blocked some users from editing events that are linked to the resource 'Locked By Planning Department' then they will not be allowed to make any changes to that event until another user removes this linked resource. Only users that are allowed can edit events linked to this resource. Events not linked to this resources are free to be edited using the standard settings and permissions.

You can set the edit permissions of user and the resource they can or cannot be allowed to access from the menu 'Data/Users/Edit a user'.
Last updated, 15 January 2013, 12:45

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